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Big Island Visitors' Information - Checklist For Packing

What To Pack For Your Hawaii Big Island Vacation?

Here's A Suggestion...

Just pack light! A vacation to Hawaii is a laid-back adventure. Here’s the dress code: There isn’t one!
The daytime wear is casual, comfortable. The evening wear is casual, comfortable. As long as your attire is neat, you can wear what you like to restaurants, luaus, and even the theatre (yes, we have theatre here).

Wahine (ladies)
Kane (gents)
sun dress / shorts / tops / wind breaker shorts / t-shirts / wind breaker
bathing suit / cover up bathing suit
sandels-flip flops* / hiking shoes sandels-flip flops* / hiking shoes
underwear / sleepwear underwear / sleepwear
sun hat / sun visor / head kerchief sun cap / sun visor / bandana
fanny pack / purse fanny pack / wallet
prescription medicine prescription medicine
cosmetics / tooth brush / hair brush / comb shaving articles / tooth brush / comb brush
shampoo / conditioner / deo / sun screen shampoo / conditioner / deo / sun screen
eyeglasses / sunglasses eyeglasses / sunglasses

*flip flops are the shoes of choice here because they are so easy to slip on and off
before entering a home which is the Hawaiian / Japanese custom to leave your shoes outside.
Flip flops are available here - cheap!


Other Essentials To Pack
driver licence / credit cards / check book / traveller checks

Travel Docs + Miscellaneous
passport / plane-train tickets / cruise docs + tickets / itinerary

cell phone / camera / video camera / film / cassettes / batteries / binoculars / walkman / CDs / tape novel / travel mirror / travel clock / swiss army knife / travel flash light / pen + pad-journal / extension cord / travel lock / address book / first aid travel kit.

Don't Forget...
Take 2 photocopies of your passport(s) and credit cards. Leave one copy at home with someone you trust, and take one photocopy with you (keep separately from the originals).

For your convenience and comfort so you don’t have to bring these along with you,
Aloha Vacation Cottages are each equipped with:

free laptop use
free wireless internet

umbrellas – for beach and rain
rain ponchos
body soap
sarongs for beach
kimonos for lounging at home
slippers for lounging at home
laundry detergent
tote bags for beach
back packs for day hikes
beach coolers for drinks
cottage first aid kits

See also the complete list of amenities for each cottage.

Travel Gear To Go

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