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Hawaii Vacation On A Lighter Budget

Is a Hawaii vacation possible on a lighter budget?  Accommodations in the high-end luxurious hotels and coastline resorts tucked into pristine bays may be your dream Hawaii vacation. But, they are probably out of your budget reach.  Ditto for the expensive private beach houses and condos.  So, what's a budget-conscience person to do in Hawaii when your days of beach camping no longer appeal to you, and you crave more than the cold showers and bad beds of a youth hostel?    

You don't have to forfeit comfort, convenience, location, privacy or even a little luxury when you travel to Hawaii on a lighter budget whether you are a solo traveller, on a honeymoon, or with the kids along.

The best and most affordable alternative is a private vacation rental cottage that is located a little inland from the shore, yet only minutes to the beaches and other interesting places you plan to experience.

Eating in restaurants is quite expensive and can even be tiresome. Hawaii vacation rental cottages offer a big savings when you have your own full-equipped kitchen to prepare either at-home meals or picnic baskets to take along to the beaches, on hikes or other excursions.

Be aware:  not all vacation rental cottages are created equal. Pay attention not only to the rates and location, but also of the amenities that could add considerably to your savings. Some cottage rentals only offer very basic cooking facilities such as hot plates or toaster ovens. Look for a cottage that offers a full kitchen which can easily save a family a couple of hundred dollars a day on restaurant meals. Is there an on-site laundry machine at no cost? Laundro-mats in Hawaii are expensive both in money and in time wasted. Is there Internet access and is it free? You don't want to waste precious vacation time searching for an Internet café that will also charge you by the minute to be online.

Are you attracted to the lowest rates you can find? Better read the fine print and always ask questions about the location. The lower cost rentals are located on the beautiful, lush but rainy side of the island where the beaches are harder to access. If it’s the sun you’re coming all this way for, then better base yourself on the west side and take day excursions to the rain-forest areas.

Take note of any add-on fees to the rates for booking, cleaning, damage, and security fees which actually hike up that low rate you thought sounded so good.

How about those pictures of the rooms on the website? Are they current photos or were they taken the day the place opened, years ago?

If you have allergies or other sensitivities, ask if the accommodations are pet-free and mould-free.
The east side of the island has a higher precipitation than the arid west side, and mould is prevalent in most structures.

Ask if the rental is in a vog zone. Vog is a natural smog-like phenomenon caused by the reaction of volcanic gases (especially sulphur dioxide and other pollutants) with sunlight, oxygen, fog, dust particles, and moister in the air. Locations plagued with daily vog can make your dream vacation become an eye-burning, irritation nightmare.  Hawaii’s Kilauea volcano has been erupting continuously since 1983 and is the source of vog especially in the southern west side of the Big Island, covering the areas of Captain Cook and Kailua-Kona with a daily haze.

If you’re thinking of hopping from one rental property to another so you can experience all sides of the Big Island, consider this:  the shorter stays of one and two nights will end up being more expensive for you than a longer stay! Most places have a minimum number of nights at the full rate, and owners often increase the rate for a short stay (and add on other fees). You’re more likely to get a fairer rate when you base yourself in one place for a longer stay from where you can easily get around to see all of the island.

At Aloha Vacation Cottages, we offer affordable accommodations, with the luxury features of a hotel. Our prime location, rates with no-add on fees, great discounts, and generous amenities puts Aloha Vacation Cottages among best of the Hawaii vacation rental experiences on the Big Island. Just visit our website to read some of what our guests have said about their stay in our cottages.

Location, location, location....
South Kohala is the Big Island's premiere destination for vacationers. Here, you will enjoy the ultimate location in sun-drenched South Kohala near the best beaches this island has to offer. Our location is vog-free and has the most consistent sunny days on the island each year. At Aloha Vacation Cottages, you'll also be out of the tourist fray of Kailua-Kona and Hilo towns which are the commerical centers for the Big Island with their airports, ports of entry for cruise ships, and commerical districts (traffic).

At Aloha Vacation Cottages, you will not be isolated, in fact, you'll be near the very best white-sand beaches, resorts, vistas, championship golf courses, shopping, playgrounds, kids activities, dining, historical sites, cultural events, and much more....all easy, quick distances from your cottage. From your cottage, you can get anywhere on the island. There is no need to hop from one rental to another, wasting precious vacation time checking in and out of different locations. Consider this: it's called Big Island because it's the biggest island of all the Hawaiian Islands, but in reality it's a tiny island in large Pacific Ocean. You do not need to stay in different parts of the island to experience it all. And, best of all, you will save a lot of money on your vacation accommodations by basing yourself at Aloha Vacation Cottages. Here's the best tip we could offer you for the biggest savings:  the longer your stay, the better the rate at Aloha Vacation Cottages. Remember, moving around to try staying in different parts of the island will only get you charged the full rates in all the places plus everyone's "add-on" fees. And, you will find yourself driving the long distances to get to the very same beaches that are only down the road from our cottages. If you choose to stay in Kailua-Kona, you'll have to drive 38 miles each way (total 76 miles) to get to the beaches that are only 10 minutes away from our cottages, such as Hapuna Beach State Park!

Staying in comfort at Aloha Vacation Cottages you'll be only 10 minutes to the world-class beaches of Kauna'oa (Mauna Kea hotel) and  Hapuna Beach State Park. A couple of minutes from there and you can be in Puako, a lovely seaside neighborhood, for swimming or snorkelling. Beautiful Anaeho'omalu Bay (A-Bay) is edged with palm trees reached along a scenic drive to Waikoloa, also in South Kohala. For the little ones, Spencer Beach Park offers calm waters where they can safely play at the water's edge....only minutes from your cottage.  We’ll give you the insider tips on lovely walks and drives to a number of lesser-known coastal areas, scenic drives, and vistas easily reached from your cottage.

You'll save in other ways at Aloha Vacation Cottages. We do not inflate your charges with hidden costs for extra cleaning fees (required min. nights+), or utilities, service charge, security fee (under 15 nights), admin/booking fees, processing fee (or any fees others inflate rates with), nor do we charge for Internet access (your laptop), laundry machines (or detergents), snorkel gear, other beach equipment, baby equipment or baby/kid's equipment (watch out at other places!).

With our prime location, cottage features and generous amenities, you will have a great vacation rental value in South Kohala where the weather is the finest year round, the beaches are what you dream of, and with all the wonders this island paradise has to offer, at easy reach.  In fact, Frommer's Hawaii 2006 - 2007 rated Aloha Vacation Cottages, "A find".

Frommer's Hawaii 2006 - 2007 rated Aloha Vacation Cottages, "A find."   http://www.alohacottages.net/Big_Island_Books.htm