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Big Island Sport Fishing

Hawaii Island - The Big Island - A Fishing Paradise For The Best Sport Fishing

For most people, mental images of Hawaii conjure up wide stretches of white palm-tree-lined beaches and blazing sunsets. But, Hawaii is not just about the beaches. Did you know that Hawaii is also considered a paradise for the fishing enthusiast? Whether you want to cast off from a lava-formed bluff, stand waist deep in a clear aqua bay, or sail out for some big game fishing off the coast, the State of Hawaii offers some of the best, if not the best, fishing experiences for anyone with a love of the sport.

Big Island of Hawaii Fishing
One of our guests out for a day of fishing

The abundant, diverse marine life draws anglers from around the world to the Hawaiian Islands. But, it's Hawaii Island, better known as the Big Island, that is one of the most popular destinations to fish for the great Blue Marlin weighing in at hundreds of pounds. In fact, Hawaii's Big Island is also referred to as the Blue Marlin capital of the world by fishing aficionados. The Big Island is in the top of the destinations for sport fishing overall, but the Blue Marlin draws thousands of serious sportsmen and sportswomen each year who travel to this fishing paradise in the Pacific Ocean seeking exhilarating fishing experiences.

A bonus is the natural wonders and lush environment the Big Island offers with magnificent scenary and gorgeous places to relax and unwind after a day of fishing. Whether you're out to get a trophy catch to hang above your mantel at home, or you're fishing for your grilled dinner on a beach at sunset, Hawaii's Big Island offers special moments and experiences of a lifetime for any sport fisher.

Big Island of Hawaii Fishing
One Swordfish ... for dinner coming right up

So, what's the catch?

Saltwater fishing is what draws most to the Big Island, but freshwater fishing is also possible here. There are different species of fish in different seasons. The Blue Marlin is best in July. The Black Marlin or Yellow Fin Tuna is in May. The Wahoo is abundant in August while Mahi-mahi, Grouper or Big Eye Tuna are November catches. There's plenty of Ahi, Dolphin Fish and even the Skipjack Tuna so take your pick because the weather is good all year round in Hawaii. Some of these fish will give you a run for your money as you will need to fight for a long time once you've got them on the hook.

Big Island of Hawaii Fishing

Charter or go it alone!
You can cast off just about anywhere along the coastline. Pack your lunch and make a day of it. The official State beach parks have picnic tables and grills to BBQ your catch. If you want to go for the big fish, another great thing about Hawaii is the choice of fishing charters, all with professional crew members on the trip. They know the best fishing spots around the islands. When compared to anywhere else in the world, sport fishing on the Big Island of Hawaii is unbeatable.

Big Island of Hawaii Fishing
Another guest with one of his catches

The Big Island's Kona Coast is the perfect fishing destination for all anglers. Honokohau Harbor in Kona is where many of the Big Island's best fishing charters are. The Kona Coast, on the west side of the island, is the premier destination for many fishermen. The island is mountains with its five volcanoes that block strong winds making water conditions calm. And, the Kona Coast lies next to an ocean drop off which can be thousands of feet deep enabling fishermen to access some of the world's largest species of game fish. The thrill of hooking one of the big game fish on the Big Island is said to be an intoxicating experience to be had nowhere else in the world.

A big fleet of fishing boats on the Big Island are ready every day to take you and your group to fish in some of the best spots. The charter prices are very reasonable compared to other islands in the State of Hawaii. You can easily share the cost of the charter boat with other anglers to make it an affordable day for all. Even with the Kona Coast's reputation for the best fishing in the world, it's still possible to find low prices for charters which are well worth the money and adventure. This is why sports fishermen return to Hawaii again and again each new season for another fishing vacation.

Big Island of Hawaii Fishing

If one is serious about catching fish, it's best to book a 6 hour or 8 hour trip to allow for enough time to reach the best fishing grounds to give you ample hours to spend fishing there. Charters also present the tag and release option, which is entirely left up to the individual fishermen. When hiring a charter just arrange the tag and release option with the captain of the boat. Most of the operators provide the equipment, licenses and ice to store the fish in but you can bring your own gear as well. Just remember to also bring along your own food and drink, wear plenty of sunscreen and a hat, sunglasses and don't forget your camera to document and support your fish stories you'll want to tell your friends back home. There'll be no need to exaggerate to your fellow anglers.

Big Island of Hawaii Fishing and Whale Watching
A pair og curious humpback whales checking out these fishermen

Hawaii is the place for big game fish where you can test your skill with a rod and reel. If you're up for the challenge, you might want to enter a big game fishing tournament which are held each year in Hawaii. The prestigous International Billfish Tournament lurs fishermen and spectators alike from around the world.

When looking for accommodations for your fishing vacation, Aloha Vacation Cottages, LLC, is located on the west side of the island in South Kohala, within minutes to Kawaihae Harbor, where you can fish to your heart's content either by charter or from many gorgeous spots along the Kohala Coast coastline.

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